We offer the finest

German Shepherd puppies and trained dogs in the world.

World's best German Shepherds

contact us to learn more about our WAITING LIST for our precious puppies.

   we also offer a variety of efficient dog training services for all breeds and ages of dogs with guaranteed results!


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What our clients have to say about us

Stud German Shepherd, male german shepherd,stud dog

                       A previous customer and owner of one of our Vom Ultimate German Shepherd puppies said:

   I've had the pleasure of having multiple German Shepherds in my life time, but I've never had a breeder contact me to make sure the puppy is doing ok or offer free training or plan events to get all the dogs together for a " Reunion".

  That might seem minor to some, but when searching for a German Shepherd you want quality and you want to know the dog is Coming from the love of the breed and not the money. I found that love here. Best breeder I know and so proud to say I own the cutest ultimate German Shepherd.

West german Shepherd,breeding dog, German sepherd kennel, breeder

Our current Vom Ultimate German Shepherd puppies

Skylar and her precious litter of puppies.

German Shepherd, puppies, GSD puppies, AKC puppies

  We have a waiting list for our puppies, which you can contact us to learn more about, we often have trained young dogs available for sale that we wont advertise or make available until they are ready to go.

 The majority of the puppies are reserved in advance, and they are selected by their new owners in order that names were put on our waiting list, the puppies that were not picked or reserved in advance , as in the case of larger litters, we will then make those puppies available to the public. The space on the waiting list for each of our litters is limited, as we only put 6 people on the list for each litter, usually we have more than 6 puppies in a litter and therefore will have puppies still available, but again, if you have been put on the waiting list, you will get to select your puppy FIRST, and will have guaranteed your spot in case she only had 6 or less.

German Shepherd puppy

  Skylar's puppies are no longer available, they have been long reserved by their anxiously awaiting new owners. Most of our puppies get reserved way in advance, before the dogs are even bred. To reserve yours and guarantee one from a litter or parents of your choice, we recommend getting on the waiting list in advance. To see the puppies and dogs we have available now, please go to our " Available dogs page".

  The Boarding and training services of The Ultimate German Shepherds

                     One on One training,Group training, Board & Train, Boarding etc. 

click the image or link below to go to our "services page"


             Our German Shepherds LOVE kids, they make the best family dogs

family dogs,German shepherd and kids
Beautiful German Shepherd

  Here at the Ultimate German Shepherds we only breed dogs with great health , both mentally and physically and absolute best temperament possible, and that passes down to the puppies generation after generation.

   our shepherds make the best family dogs you can get anywhere in the world!

  When you acquire one of our amazing puppies, or trained dogs, you can trust that they will love you and your family, but they will absolutely ADORE your children.

  The puppies for sale at The Ultimate German Shepherds have been carefully bred from well selected dogs, who are proven in the AMAZING TEMPERAMENT department, and each puppy is handled, socialized and TRAINED from day one.

  That's why we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

some of our previous puppies in their new forever homes with their human siblings

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