Welcome to the Ultimate German Shepherds.

 My name is Augusto Deoliveira I am the owner and founder of The Ultimate German Shepherds. I have always been an animal lover. I grew up on a farm in Brazil with my grandparents, my grandparents always rescued street dogs and gave them a new home on our farm in Brazil. Where I lived on this farm we didn't have much of anything other than nature, no internet, no cell phones and nothing close by to do other than hiking, fishing and taking care of all the animals on the farm.. There weren't even enough kids to play with, so my entire childhood was spent working with the animals, we had horses, cows,goats,chickens,and many other animals and all of our dogs,of course. 

I always loved training my animals, i always found it fascinating ,the ability animals have to learn and want to work with us.

At age 12 we moved back to the city temporarily and I quickly became known as the "dog boy", "Doctor Doolittle", and "Noah" from Noah's ark, all because I always had a few animals around me, often a pack of unleashed dogs following me around, I got a job with a local professional dog trainer and that's when i fell in love with our beloved breed, The German Shepherd dog.

in 2009 I moved to the US, and in 2010 at age 19  I started working as a dog trainer for my own company called Griffin Shepherd Kennels, I became so popular as a dog trainer that I decided to do it full time. I figured that being self-employed and with my rapidly growing business i would be able to get more deeply involved with my breed of choice and that would by starting a breeding program within my company.

I selected a few quality German Shepherd dogs and I started my new chapter in life.

by this point i was becoming highly recognized world-wide, I had been featured on the front pages of ALL of the local newspapers, I was featured on the INSIDE EDITION TV show, there were dozens of articles and magazines written about me and my dogs, in addition my Youtube videos went VIRAL , one video alone has reached over 18 MILLION views and still going up!

​Later on I decided to change the name of my company to what's today.. The Ultimate German Shepherds, because that is what we are, that is what we strive to produce, The Ultimate German Shepherds :)

a German shepherd that is absolutely stunning to look at, with superior health and temperament, family oriented,and retaining the ability to work.

  We are now in 2018 and The Ultimate German Shepherds have become a lot more than just a hobby , it is my passion, I have dedicated the last several years to my dogs, I have moved around in search for the perfect place to call home, where our dogs would be happy and comfortable, where the town wouldn't have a problem with me keeping a pack of dogs, and we have found it! In December 2016 I moved from Massachusetts(where everything began) to Beautiful South Carolina, our Ranch is located in York County,SC. Our dogs have about 10 acres to run and play.

The Ultimate German Shepherds specializes in raising the Highest Quality Standards of SV German Bloodlines. Our German Shepherd Puppies and German Shepherd Dogs are bred with your family and kids kids in mind. 

​We specialize in West German Show Line Dogs

What I searched for is a line of German Shepherds that would be naturally protective, not afraid of any situation, proven to be the best generation after generation and still have the calmness to be good with children. We found that dog in the West German Show Lines. To receive a top show rating of either a V or VA the German Shepherd is required to be excellent in all fields. The hips have to be certified with either an “a” stamp or OFA, conformation, obedience title (BH), pass an endurance test (AD), a courage test, bite work, and tracking (SchH 1, 2 or 3). They cannot be distracted or show any aggression towards the judge, stud dogs or female dogs around them, but must be ready to bite when asked too. For any dog to accomplish all these things is remarkable, and only well bred dogs, the best of the best get to the top.

AKC German Shepherd puppy for sale