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Our waiting list

  All payments and deposits are final and non refundable.

 A non refundable deposit of at least $500 is required to get on our waiting list for puppies that aren't born yet. Or atleast half down of the total price for puppies already born.

In the event you decide not to get the puppy or future puppy from the litter you reserved, you can always apply that deposit towards a future litter or puppy, but you agree, no money will be refunded to you.

deposits can be sent via Zelle and apple pay using phone number 803-610-8855.

Cashapp under username $UltimateGSD.

You MUST include your first and last name, full address and phone number with your deposit or email that information to before you can be approved.

We reserve the right, to cancel or refuse to sell to anyone and for any reason, if we feel they aren't a good fit for one of our dogs, or if it's not in the best interest for our breeding program,the dogs, the new owners or the breed in general.

Owen and Hecate,s puppies are due on march 8th. expecting 7-8 puppies.

4 of which have already been reserved. This litter is priced at $3500 for black and reds, and $5000 for solid blacks. the entire litter will be LONG COATS.


             **HIGH DEMAND LITTER**

Owen and Veronica are expecting a repeat litter.

Puppies from their previous litter are owned by celebrities and have turned out AMAZING. We current have Bianca in our pack from this breeding and she is one of a kind. This litter is priced at $4000 for black and reds and $5000 for black and reds. 


         Owen has been busy!!

Here's another litter due soon.

Owen and Ira's puppies are due in 3 weeks. They will be all LONG COATS as well.

 this litter is priced at $3500 for black and red and $5,000 for solid blacks.



Skylar and Odin are expecting a beautiful litter of deep black and red LONG COAT puppies. these puppies originate from my starting pack of German Shepherds back in 2010 with Griffin, Jake, and Savannah all being on the pedigree, combined with new imported bloodlines. They will be amazing.

 This litter is due in 3 weeks and is priced at $2,500.


Sheba is also expecting a litter with Odin. Sheba is also from my original lines of shepherds from when The Ultimate German Shepherds first started, she also have Griffin, Jake, and Savannah in her pedigree, now combined with new imported bloodlines. These puppies are due in 4 weeks, they will all be black and red LONG COATS and priced at $2,500.

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