So, I think it’s time to make another post about this.. And if you are wondering why I even bother, There are a couple of reasons..#1 I want new people to understand more about me and my business etc .. #2 I want my fans,friends and followers to use this as a response when they see Internet trolls attacking..
There are no denying that there are ALOT of write ups about me all over the web.. some are amazingly positive, others are incredibly negative.. it can be very overwhelming to those who don’t know me to understand why.. This post is to break it down for you.. Please read carefully.
First thing to realize is that anyone who becomes very popular is going get people talking.. All kinds of people, people that know them, people that don’t know them at all, people that heard stories etc..
And I did become very popular very fast in the beginning of my career , as a trainer/breeder.

Within 1 year in business and at 19 years old, I had been featured in numerous front pages of major local news papers , all kinds of articles online, and of course , on the Facebook pages of MANY MANY happy clients who were amazed with the training results. Which resulted in me getting extremely well known very fast.

Here are a few examples.

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Article 2-…/man-walking-pack-dogs-without-4936…

Article 3-…/Meet-dog-whisperer-UNLEASHED-h…

Article 4-

   Okay.. I could stop now you get the idea.. There are dozens of articles like these gathering millions of views all together , which brings ALOT of attention to me.
But it doesn’t stop there.. There’s also..

Video by Barcroft TV( with 12 Million hits and counting) -

Clip of me on Inside Edition:

My own pack off leash video now with 18 MILLION VIEWS!! :

My YouTube Channel ( with OVER 27 MILLION VIEWS)

 So let’s get to the point now.. I am the most well known Kennel/breeder and trainer for German Shepherds in the Country. There is no denying that or arguing that. When you combine those 3 words together in one sentence my name will come up.. if you search that on the internet my name will come up.. No other trainer/breeder/of German Shepherds have gotten so much publicity and attention as I have.
Not because I posted cute pictures of puppies but actually because people were impressed all along with my training , my dogs conformation, my dogs manners, health, and temperament.
So of course, I’m expected to be the most talked about breeder and trainer, good and bad it’s just unavoidable. It’s just how it works.. You wouldn’t know it unless you had gotten to this level.

So where does all this negativity comes from? It started as an excuse for the fact that I didn’t have a kennel license to keep my 10 dogs and the limit was 6..
And that was when I first started, there was nothing else. And my competitors in the area partnered with some internet trolls made it a point to bring it up on every single positive article about me , just how bad of a person I was for not giving up on my dogs when the town refused to give me a permit for “zoning restrictions reasons”.
And that’s where all the negativity started. Now where does it end? Where am I now?!?

For the last 4 years , I have been a licensed, registered, and well inspected kennel, I have continued to grow as a business owner, as a breeder and as a trainer.
I have successfully trained dogs and owners in 37 States! 4 countries! With amazing feedback from all my clients. I have purchased TOP and VERY EXPENSIVE dogs that are from prestigious bloodlines and from top kennels. Including Mittelwest in Illinois, Von Arlet in Germany and others very well known for their proven quality dogs, and all my new dogs are offsprings of the very best dogs in the world.
My dogs have pink German papers, they are health tested, showed, and TRAINED in various areas, and before they are ever ready to be considered for breeding they have costed me around $10k EACH Minimum and ALOT of time. Now how many breeders and trainers can say the same? Not many.
Now I have to ask.. What breeder that doesn’t care about their breeding program will make such investments on their dogs?!?!
For that I have worked hard and put a lot of sweat into this dream of mine. Because it is not just a business for me, it is a lifestyle, it is a passion.
Which trainer who is not good at what they do, can accumulate such a large number of clients who are so happy with the training they received?!?!
Lastly I have to ask you that when you read anything about me, play close attention to what’s being said and by WHOM. You will realize very quickly that 99% of them are written by internet trolls, competitors and haters. I have to own up to the other 1% because just like everybody else I am not perfect and I can’t please everyone, every time.
But with all these facts about me and what I do, am I really that bad?
Or are some people just trying too hard to take someone down out of jealousy of their success, popularity and overwhelming support from his followers, friends, fans and happy clients?!?

I have been inspected by every agency in the country.
The Department of agriculture, the animal control, the SPCA, the American Kennel club etc.
And I have ALWAYS been way above all the requirements for the animals welfare, never once have I ever been fined or accused by any of all these agencies of causing any kind of harm or bad treatment to any of my animals!!
So why only the internet trolls see all of those “accusations” as being true and real?!?
My clients and customers for the last 2 years have been folks who understood everything that I wrote above, they have educated themselves about me, they have talked to me, they have visited and actually RESEARCHED me. They didn’t turn me down because there were a lot of negative write ups about me. Instead they applaud me for continuing to pursue my dreams and they have come to realize everything that I wrong here , and how it comes down to being nothing more than a group of internet trolls who get butt hurt with every step forward that I make.
It really is nothing more than a competition for them, to see if they can manage to bring me down at all costs.
But rest assured, and write this down. I am still only beginning.
And all the accomplishments above that you cannot take away from me, are just a start.

Lastly, thank you. Yes thank you for bringing me this far, I honestly wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for the love and support you all have given me. You guys have amazed me so much with your desire to stand up for me. This journey has been nothing but a path to success with some challenges that have only managed to make me stronger.❤️
And I am so excited to announce that I have so much lined up and that you can bet that 2019 will be amazing. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE . Share these words with your friends because I guarantee you there are atleast a few on YOUR friends list who need to see this. Love you all.