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Our Girls


 Our first place winner "SG1 Carolina" , this girl is just perfect, she is so beautiful,smart and kind.

she is a phenomenal female with an incredible pedigree. She is the daughter of "VA1 Rocco Vom Mittelwest" and granddaughter of "VA1 Marco Vom Mittlewest". her pedigree consists of so many VA dogs, you would lose count.

We have competed with Carolina at the German Conformation shows and she really does impress the judges, coming in first place every time.

Carolina's hips and elbows have been x-rayed and certified with the OFA,

her hips are GOOD, and elbows are normal.

we are so thrilled about her upcoming litter with one of our stunning German Import males!

you cannot afford to miss out on a puppy out of this beauty.

contact us today to inquire on the waiting-list for her puppies.



  Veronica is a GORGEOUS female imported from Germany with pink papers.. Veronica is the Daughter of Germany's "VA Cronos Del Seprio".. This is a large, substantial female,with excellent pigmentation,beautiful movement, and superb temperament, she is full of personality, with high drive and lots of confidence. Veronica came from Germany with her elbows and hips already x-rayed and certified. Her hips and elbows are excellent and normal (A-stamped).

We have showed veronica in the German Shows and are currently working towards her IPO title. Veronica is an amazing protective dog when she needs to be, but otherwise very friendly and stable. She gets along with everything she meets, and simply adores kids!

We cannot wait to see what she produces for us here at The Ultimate German Shepherds!

Be sure to contact us about her future puppies ,waiting-list.



Yara is a gorgeous European import ,solid black female , she is a very stable dog, protective when needed, extremely alert and her temperament is superb.

Yara is like the joker of the pack, she always finds a way to make you laugh, she is an incredible female and an important part of the Ultimate German Shepherds, she is eager to please and extremely playful.

Yara's hips are OFA certified as "GOOD" and she has an incredible pedigree. 


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