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We contacted Augusto after the loss of our shepherd last year, drove to meet him and his pack. Without hesitation we chose our puppy parents and waited patiently for the big day. February 25, 2016 our Rex was born. 

Augusto kept us posted through the entire process, sent pictures and had stayed in touch to see how Rex is progressing.

We are more than happy with our baby and more than happy with our breeder.

  Astrid and Rick Goddard Bowen in Vermont.

The ultimate german shepherd is just that . When you first visit this beautiful establishment you are greeted by a gorgeous pack of the calmest dogs I have ever seen. These dogs have the best temperament of any dog I have ever been around. They are so happy not fearful at all and so well kept truly the ultimate german shepherd. We just got a puppy from Augusto and he has been so supportive. I have called and texted him Several times as this is our first dog ever. He gets right back to me with advice and support. My puppy is 3 months old and she solidly already knows sit,down,come and just yesterday has learned stay. I tried this morning a technique he showed me how to correct a behavior she is having and it took one try and we are all set. We come to his puppy class on Sundays my puppy has the time of her life learning and socializing while in learn how best to Handel and train her Into a wonderful part of our family. I have waited 30 years for the ultimate dog and I have found her thanks to Augusto and his amazing talents and pack. When you meet him and see him With his pack and all his animals you can feel the love on both ends. A deep connection between them he understands these animals and it shows. I waited 30 years for a dog because I have witnessed so many people chasing their dogs around trying to get them to come hearing how they don't house break , chewing all the furniture. I didn't want this type of situation. This is why we got our puppy form the ultimate german shepherd.If you are looking for a family dog, a best friend,a show stopping shepherd with on going support then the ultimate german shepherd is the place for you.

Chris and Cherilyn Kotelly in Massachusetts.

We adopted Belue into our lives back in July and I’m very happy that we did. He was just a puppy so we didn’t think he would know not to use the potty in his crate or how he would adapt to the boys. Belue has been with us for two months and he’s a smart lil fur ball. He loves the boys which was one of my husband and I concerns when looking for a family fur baby. He knows to sit, down, leave it and somewhat stay. We just want to say thank you to Augusto for always being there when we have a question. From the first day that I contacted him he was nothing less of professional and very knowledgeable of what he does. If your looking for someone to be with you every step of the way Augusto is your guy. I wouldn’t say he is just a dog breeder he is part of our family as well.

Jerrica Brown in South Carolina.

I just bought a beautiful female German Shepherd from The Ultimate German Shepherd. And she is simply amazing. 9 weeks old. And Sits. Goes down. Shakes hands. And walks off leash. Not bad for a 9 week old puppy. Right. I’m crazy about her.

  Susie Wood in North Carolina.

Augusto is BY FAR the most knowledgeable person I know when it coming to German shepherds and training knowledge. He's level of patience yet assertiveness with this dogs is absolutely breathtaking to watch. I'm on my way to my second puppy from him and i wouldn't look back on anything I've done. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and the ultimate german shepherds. HANDS DOWN THE BEST 10 outta 10

Michael Marvin in Massachusetts.

After losing our shepherd unexpectedly last year, my heart has been empty. I have been friends with Augusto on facebook for quite a few years, have seen how well behaved his dogs are, and how much he cares for his animals. When looking at his FB page the other day, there was a pup on there that was looking for a forever family. I contacted Augusto, he answered every question I could possibly think of, and arranged for a personal delivery from South Carolina to Ohio of this little angel. Well, she arrived yesterday, and I can tell you she is the perfect fit for my family and my heart. She is very well mannered, is sweet as can be, and is my little shadow following me everywhere. Thank you Augusto from the bottom of my heart. We will be her forever family and take wonderful care of her. Well done my friend, well done.

Krista Smith in Ohio

Augusto has been nothing but a wonderful man and breeder of thee most beautiful, wonderful, amazing fur babies!! He takes very good care of each and every puppy, dog, goat, horse and all of his other animals and birds. He encourages people to visit, see how he raises his animals. He had taken in many dogs that others no longer could care for, whatever there personal reasons, he took in thee animal, gave it a place to live. He fed and gave fresh water, a house and kennel. He has many kennels and houses on his property, people contact him to volunteer to work with the animals. He's a kind, sweet individual, he's had obstacles to overcome, he did that and rose above those an even stronger person than prior!! I feel strongly that he's a man of his word, despite what some others may have said. I'm gonna say this to anyone who would say I'm crazy, say I'm blinded, or any other negative thoughts, as "JESUS" his own self said, It is not up to you to judge the living, or the dead, it is up to my Father Who Sits In Heaven. He then said that whosoever should judge another that 'Yee' shall be judged by the same manor that you have done so'!!!!!! Augusto is a good and honest man!!

MaryAnn in Georgia

This young man truly has a gift and I like many others know as I have one of these dogs he is the best German Shepherd dog I have ever had and I have had many,thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs and also thank you for training my rescue German shepherd dog.

Cindy in Massachusetts

Very pleased with the quality of breeding! My husband and I were looking for a family pet with a great background and NOT a working dog with high drive. He proceeded to match what we were looking for with two of his dogs, and we got our very spoiled Steele out of the breeding! He answers back relatively fast even when he's busy and answers my questions and anything I may need. Very smart dog with an amazing temperament ❤️❤️❤️

Candace in Texas

If you want quality, perfection, professional advice, top dogs, knowledgeable breeder/trainer, go with The Ultimate German Shepherds. They are the best of the best. I know...I have 2 of their dogs and am heading for a 3rd!

Jean in Massachusetts

Granted that I have now had Augusto come to my house and train/transform my previously dog aggressive shepherd into a dog that can now meet and play with other dogs AND now experiencing one of his beautiful German shepherd puppies, I couldn't rate his services anything but 5 STARS.

Brandon in New jersey.

My puppy Charlie is amazing and is beyond my expectations. He has such great temperament and is so beautiful. People are always commenting on what a great puppy he is and wanting to know where I got him. Augusto has been such a gift and is a remarkable trainer as well as a breeder

Susan In Massachusetts

Augusto is someone like myself who truly loves and appreciates animals, he has trained 2 of my families shepherds and I love his training and dogs so much I recommend him to my cousin who ended up getting his newest family member Ridley last year from one of savannahs liters he is a great training and person in my book I think of my dogs as kids and if I trust to leave my dog with you that says a lot he is one person I trust them with!!

Amelia in Rhode island

Augusto and his dogs are amazing in every level. I fell in love with them 7 years ago when I came upon a video he posted with all his dogs and puppies having a glorious walk as we see today.
I own one of his puppies and when we arrived not one barked or misbehaved they came to greet all loving and happy to meet us. I have never in my life seen such wonderful German Shepherds love a owner as much as they love Augusto. We as German Shepherd owners know the love they give and these are 5 star German Shepherds. Love them and Augusto

Nancy in South Dakota

Augusto is an excellent trainer, breeder and an all around great person!! I say excellent trainer because he has trained my dog who was dog aggressive in a positive way and made him the perfect pup. Before I found Augusto I spent over $4000 with different trainers trying to help my shepherd with dog aggression. It was a waste of time and money. Augusto spent one weekend with my dog Dexter and now I can walk him in parks, take him to petco or anywhere there are other dogs which I couldn't do before. I also say excellent breeder because I now have one of his pups from Vanessa and jake. Darla is perfect and we couldn't have asked for a sweeter, more adorable and beautiful pup. Finally, I said an all around good person, for which I had the pleasure of hanging with him and getting to know him. If Anyone ever wants to have a conversation or needs a reference I would be more than happy to talk to you.

Karen in New Jersey

The ultimate German shepherd is the best of the best! Not only do they produce the best looking and best temperament dogs but the training is outstanding! My husband and I have 3 dogs from them and we couldn't be any happier! ❤️

Lauren in Massachusetts

My dog is my baby and he is the best dog I could have ever asked for. I have known Augusto for years, watched him grow as he expanded his business. From day one his ideals struck me and I hopped on the waiting list for the day I would finally get my puppy. He knew what I wanted in a dog, being my first dog ever and last year, that day came when he was born. He stayed for 6 months of training which set a solid foundation for a stable dog. From day one Augusto has been there offering his advice and support as a breeder, even coming up to my home to offer some training. This is a man that despite what non-supporters say about him I have personally seen his dedication to the breed, to his dogs and to the puppies even long after they have been placed in loving homes. I have seen it from day one with my own pup. He has proven himself and learned many things along the way. I am quite proud of my dog and of what Augusto produced. He has my full support.

Stephanie in Maine

Best in the business. Not only does he breed responsibly, but if you are lucky enough to get one of his dogs (he will only let you if he feels you are responsible enough) you have a trainer for life. He also helps so many people with their issues so they do not have to give up their pups! And finally, he gives to the community by helping people with their rescue pups!

Joe in Massachusetts

By far, the most Honest, Caring and compassionate trainer and breeder I could EVER of asked for! Amazing lines, temperaments and beauty! My breeder/trainer for life!

Leslie in Massachusetts

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